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With the advent of computers in the 80s and the dotcom revolution in 90s, digitalization of data has become an inevitable option for every organization. While digital data revolutionized the way organizations store and manage data, it came with a price. As the data moved online, hackers found ways to steal the identity of a person and perform fraud transactions. To mitigate identity frauds, the government has imposed financial regulations in the form of Know-your-customer (KYC) and Customer-Identification Program (CIP). To conform to government regulations and secure customer data, organizations are turning to identity verification services.

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Blockchain can define the future of identity management. This article demonstrates the conclusion with a comprehensive and thorough insight. Taking the similar logic into consideration, we design OFID’s ecosystem.
https://securityintelligence.com/reimagining-the-future-of-identity-management-with-blockchain/ #OFID #ICO #Blockchain #identity

Trust is vital to the sharing economy as the platforms like Uber and Airbnb are asking people to put themselves or their possessions in the hands of strangers. Identity verification and secure payment are needed to achieve "trust".https://www.itproportal.com/features/trust-in-the-sharing-economy/ #OFID #ICO #IDV #trust

Last part of our articles series to analyze the market demand. The necessity of identity verification service is far beyond our imagination because it can be a way to empower the poor and improve the sharing economy.https://medium.com/@ofidplatform/identity-verification-service-a-way-to-empower-the-poor-and-improve-the-sharing-economy-3a6ba24e8b71 #OFID #ICO #identity #verification #IDV

New progress of our project! The development of OFID’s mobile application will soon be completed. When the final version is published, you can download it through App Store or other application markets. The picture below shows the original design of three important pages.#OFID

We’ve generally become accustomed to handing our personal pieces of data to the service providers (such like banks or so). But let’s take a moment to consider whether giving up these pieces of identity is really necessary.
https://fin.plaid.com/articles/identity-privacy-and-the-blockchain #OFID #ICO #Identity #privacy

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