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Ensuring that people have access to high-quality, vitamin-rich, and healthy products is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This problem can be solved by stabilizing and increasing domestic production, applying innovative solutions to agriculture, and obtaining new varieties of plants that are adapted to contemporary conditions.

The intensification of farming and efforts to lower production costs are causing many producers to turn to genetically modified materials and counterfeits. Increasing use is being made of numerous varieties of substitutes, biological additives, and chemical products purported to be identical to their natural counterparts. Enormous quantities of fertilizer are spread on the soil and crops are treated with herbicides. The result is that it is practically impossible to buy environmentally friendly and healthy food products. Fruits and vegetables contain the largest quantities of vitamins which have benefits for the human body. The fresh vegetables, berries, herbs, and fruits on store shelves today are increasingly giving us cause to question whether, far from being beneficial for our health, they may in fact be harmful. Although popular, this so-called ‘farmers’ produce’ or ‘ecoproduce’ is far from cheap. It is worth asking whether all of this ‘eco-produce’ could really have been grown without the use of harmful substances. When we grow something solely for our own consumption, of course, our main priority is the purity of what we produce. When products are grown to be sold, on the other hand, the desire to maximize profits often trumps the principles of responsible business. When we purchase fresh produce, we do not know how much time has passed since it was harvested. The longer it has been stored, the fewer vitamins and nutrients it will have retained. For fresh berries, a well-established model is now in place whereby only part of the produce is sold fresh as a seasonal product. Almost all of the remaining berries are frozen in order to be further processed in the future. Products that have been processed from frozen berries no longer retain the benefits or flavour of fresh berries, and may also contain any number of food additives and preservatives.

What about people who live in large cities, regions with a cold climate, and other places that suffer from a shortage of berries that are fresh, healthy, tasty, and also affordable? Or people who do not have the space or are otherwise unable to grow their own vitamins? Or people who are dissatisfied with the lack of alternatives to expensive yet sometimes poor-quality ‘farm-grown ecoproduce’? Some are trying to grow herbs, vegetables, and even fruits at home; vertical farms are springing up in the big cities; pharmaceutical companies are creating vitamin complexes and biologically active supplements; and doctors are developing courses of treatment for inhabitants of regions where access to fresh produce and its benefits is limited.

Online Berry is the first integrated enterprise for growing fresh berries. Direct delivery to the end consumer. In-house processing. A scientific department for microcloning plants, and nurseries 5 using class A+ planting material. Expertise in Scalable Berry Systems (SBS). Use of space technology to preserve and transport food products. A unique closed ecosystem based on blockchain technology.


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IPL,Lucknow Super Giants vs Delhi Capitals,LIVE
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