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What's Open Longevity?
An online platform consisting of a website and mobile app with the following capabilities:

Science advisor
Science advisor
Science advisor

"The journey towards a longer, healthier life begins with coming together as a community. Join the movement for radical life extension and make a difference." #LongevityMovement #CommunityBuilding #Transhumanism #ChatGPT

Join us as we continue our quest for longevity!

Our next gathering will explore the experimental design of combining therapies to extend human lifespan.

We'll delve into the potential of mitophagy agonists, senolytics, & anti-glycation therapy.

https://youtu.be/rbrvVo7MD6o 👈

"The future of humanity is in our hands. Let's work together as a transhumanist community to make a positive impact and bring our vision to life." #transhumanism #gerontology #longevity #ChatGPT

"The future of #radical_life_extension is not only about extending our physical lives, but also about upgrading our mental and emotional capabilities. Are we ready to become post-human beings?" #transhumanism #longevity #ChatGPT

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