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OTS (OTS) is a full-privacy, based on proof of stake decentralised cryptocurrency which uses peer to peer Technology to operate with no central authority or banks . Managing transactions and the issuing of OTS is carried out collectively by the network. OTS is open source Its design is public, nobody owns or controls OTS and the good thing is everyone can take part! OTS Platform is a social in which you will be able to connect with people via live videos. This app is based on sharing live broadcasts that you can also join with just one click. Follow hundreds of people and channels and discover a whole new world of possibilities At the same time is a platform to show & share your talent with people, so you can get profit through donations,gifts and competitions. All of these advantages, made the OTS platform one of the best applications for live broadcasts and share talents with people.

chief excutive officer, co-founder
Digital Marketing Specialist
Web & analytical Software Developer


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Midas Lists One Talent Show (OTS) - Live Streaming on a Blockchain

We are excited to announce that the launch of the First #Airdrop

10,000 OTS Free #Airdrop .

Link → https://goo.gl/forms/RbC0dMnNBScmQ6WN2

#airdrop #bounty #OTSCOIN #OTS

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