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Pharma Parallel Trade is a international brokerage & b2b platform of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines. Our Artificial Intelligence-driven platform uses a digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders but also Blockchain as we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership to overcome drug shortage and to fight efficiently againstcounterfeit medicines, in Europe & Worldwide. Thus, our business model rely on the 3 following major principles :

Our underlying technology is built on theEthereum Blockchain network that brings transparency into this multi-billion industry. Indeed, Pharma Parallel Trade through its cutting-edge dApp that enables our users to disrupt the trust industry with the aim of changing the world for the better through a distributed ledger technology without being constrained by limited input from outside our network.

Our platform uses AI-driven technology that consist in powerful algorithms requiring state-of-the-art Machine Learning technique as well as quality datasets compared to the more traditional Machine Learning algorithms of today. This AI technology enables programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between the supply & the demand, with a personal touch.

Our main service is dedicated to the import & export of pharmaceuticals and is linking together, in the same platform, parallel importers & distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profits and our corporate partners in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way.

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