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Название ICOPlannerScape
Дата начала15 марта, 2019
Дата окончания12 июня, 2019
СтранаHong Kong
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PlannerScape is the future of work. We re-imagine it as a sophisticated decentralized workplace that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”), blockchain, and cloud computing to achieve a more rewarding and more balanced lifestyle. Similar to GPS navigation, PlannerScape automatically and instantly responds to changing circumstances to plot the most effective way through work and personal lives. With PlannerScape, users can enjoy more rewarding lifestyles and greater peace of mind by maximizing time and leveraging the benefits of the sharing economy.

In the ever-faster moving world, people are increasingly overwhelmed by multiple tasks and commitments in their work and personal lives. Projects lacking focus, workloads generally being too heavy, appointments being uncertain, tasks being too ad-hoc and goals being undefined result in feelings of powerlessness and lack of control. The resulting increase in stress may lead to sleep deprivation, inability to reach goals, and loss of productivity, ultimately leading to job loss, unhappiness, lowered self-esteem, and unreached potential. Health, social life, and relationships often suffer as a result. PlannerScape embraces new technologies, collaborative consumption and sustainability to enable people to remain competitive.

By leveraging multiple sophisticated technologies including blockchain, AI and cloud computing, as well as integrating the benefits of the sharing economy, PlannerScape decentralizes the workplace and provides an advanced AI-powered time management solution that takes care of life’s tedium and helps users live more rewarding lives.

PlannerScape offers solutions that are tailored to the individuals’ unique habits and to corporates’ commercial needs and that navigate through their daily work and tasks. PlannerScape tells you what to do, when to do it, when to delegate, and how to prioritize the most important tasks. It learns each user’s lifestyle to optimize productivity and manage a healthy work-life balance. Its inroads to collaborative consumption allow you to manage and share tasks, time, knowledge, resources or skills in the sharing economy.

With the implementation of blockchain technology, real-time risk-free transactions become reality. Most importantly, PlannerScape will increase your productivity so you can regain control of your time. PlannerScape will lower your stress levels and will greatly restore your work-life balance by automatically organizing (and reorganizing as necessary) your time, tasks, goals, ideas and appointments. Like a GPS device that guides you along the road to your destination, PlannerScape is a GPS for time management that schedules your tasks, appointments and goals in a way that will optimize your limitedtime to lead you to success in work and in life. As a result of this increased productivity and the decentralization of the workplace, PlannerScape redefines success and effectively mitigates threats from AI, automation and outsourcing.

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ЦенаN/AПродажа644,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение46%Собрано$39,563
Софт-капN/AХард-кап4,800,000 USD