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Название ICOPolySwarm
Дата начала20 февраля, 2018
Дата окончания22 марта, 2018
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Polyswarm is a decentralized threat intelligence market made possible by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Introducing an additional use case for our token $NCT and expanding on PolySwarm's transition to #mainnet

Ask Steve anything tomorrow Thursday at 9am PST!


The group behind the Maze and Egregor ransomware operations are believed to have earned at least $75 million worth of Bitcoin from ransom payments following intrusions at companies all over the world https://therecord.media/maze-egregor-ransomware-cartel-estimated-to-have-made-75-million/

Malwoverview 4.3.4 is available:


It offers information from VT, HA, URLHaus, Polyswarm, Malshare, Alien Vault, Malpedia, ThreatCrowd, Valhalla, Malware Bazaar and ThreatFox.

It's also able to scan Android devices against VT and HA.


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Цена1 ETH = 31,337 NCTПродажаN/AСпособ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция100 USDРаспределение70%Собрано$25,940,000
Софт-кап5000000 USDХард-кап50000000 USD