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Power_blockchain is a distributed ledger platform for high-speed processing of interactions in decentralized single address space. In contrast to many classic platforms, Power_blockchain is a platform for general purpose interactions processing and is not limited to such applications as value transferring or smart contracts.

We are glad to share with you our last news - Wagan Sarukhanov is our advisor!


We are glad to share with you that we partner with HumanHive&DSBC who have strong expertise and ambitious plans in terms of STO market
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Welcome in a New Year 2019!
Today we're going to talk to you about our latest development - DApps 2.0.
Find more in our blog: https://medium.com/the-power-official-blog/decentralized-applications-2-0-42c35786d862

We are happy to share with you our second post about tokenizing: https://medium.com/the-power-official-blog/reshaping-traditional-world-of-new-assets-a2a4faab0f60

Tokenize or not to tokenize? https://medium.com/the-power-official-blog/assets-tokenization-what-for-what-b77e205dd64

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