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Название ICOPremium Trade
Дата начала10 января, 2018
Дата окончания10 февраля, 2018
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Premium Trade introduces a new business model that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of startup markets without dealing with hurdles, risks and technical barriers associated with owning, transferring and trading shares, cryptocurrencies and tokens. Open for investment, Premium Trade - is a Last Generation Opened Fund (OF) that utilizes Ethereum Blockchain and Blockchain Audit (BA) technology to offer full transparency to its investors. Instead of closed-end funds that issue a fixed number of Tokens which are not redeemable from the fund, PremiumTrade issues Tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract in accordance with a quantity of new startups, have to be funded.

Premiumtrade Founder & CEO
Lead blockchain-developer
Data Analyst

Our Pre-ICO goes to the finish line, 29 days behind. Investors have the last opportunity to purchase... After... http://goo.gl/fmeS9sc

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📌 On its ICO Premium Trade expects to raise 50 million dollars in order to invest in.. http://goo.gl/Ebh6yZ

📢📢📢 Pre-sale STokens in the first days before ICO are the most profitable for investors, since you can buy disc.. https://goo.gl/g5RDiR

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Цена1 PTC = 0.95 USDПродажа20,000,000Способ оплатыETH
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