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The fitness apparel industry is projected to reach a market value of 184.6 Billion USD by 2020. Traditional promotional merchandise’s two largest markets are the U.S with 22.9 Billion USD (2016) and Europe with 15.7 Billion EUR (2016) market value.

On Wednesday, 12th of December, we sent the first Ethereum sweatshirt 33 kilometres above the earth. Everything was recorded using a Go-Pro camera and the video footage will be published on Thursday! 🚀

We want to celebrate the great year of Ethereum with its exponential growth of x55 🔝 That is why we will send the first Ethereum sweatshirt to space 🚀 Interested?
Learn more in our new Medium blog post.

Bonuses for early ICO investors ✅
Special discounts for ETH all-over printed hoodie which will be sent to space 🚀
Exclusive information and tips for #Pressco subscribers 🔥

Our team's thoughts about an investment ladder of new emerging technologies

Outstanding benefits community gets when using Pressco.
Learn more about our upcoming ICO > http://www.pressco.io

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Софт-кап3,500 ETHХард-кап7,000 ETH