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Data runs the world. From analyzing financial trends to recommending a movie, it permeates all aspects of life. For years, databases and memory units have been used to store this data. Because of this, data has become highly centralized - living primarily in the databases of large corporations and governments. Over time, individuals have lost the ownership of their digital footprints, and the rights to its privacy. The existing structure has led to the monopolization of data, and has considerably decreased the privacy, security and anonymity of individuals.

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Looking much forward to take a closer look at this exciting new publication! #FeministPeace


New interesting piece on gendered threats to POC displaying that much is yet to be learned:

"Missions’ approaches to gendered threats to the protection of civilians are at most coordinated rather than substantively coherent."


Finally some good news for CAR! The first #ICRC convoy carrying critical aid arrived in the country and received immediate approval by all parties to the conflict to deliver #humanitarianaid https://www.icrc.org/en/document/central-african-republic-red-cross-delivers-first-humanitarian-convoy-assist-thousands

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