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Название ICOQAN Blockchain Platform
Дата начала20 января, 2020
Дата окончания23 марта, 2020
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QAN has mapped out all the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users, and combined them into one powerful solution. These features are:

- Quantum Security: The first quantum-proof blockchain platform that resists the most advanced cyber-attacks in the years to come, based on Lattice cryptography - which means it’s resilient to quantum attacks.
- User-Friendly: All major languages accepted to write smart contracts. Developers can write smart contracts in the language they already know, thus ensuring fast adoption.
- Low Energy: Far less computing resources and low energy consumption thanks to the
unique consensus - Proof-of-Randomness (PoR).
- Speed and Scalability: 100 times faster than Ethereum - TPS 97k for enterprise (POA) chains.
- 5G and IoT-Friendly: Heavy research on 5G-friendliness to benefit from 5G technology.
- Complete Ecosystem: Each participant is financially motivated [node providers, smart
contract developers (generic and specific), validators].
- Easily Adoptable for Businesses: Fixed transaction prices in FIAT to ensure planning
predictability for company CFOs.


#Japan's debut of their 1st #quantumcomputer has set off a scramble for #tech breakthroughs in #quantumcomputing ! 🚀 The race to harness the power of quantum computing is on. Exciting times ahead in the world of technology!

https://news.cgtn.com/news/2023-03-27/Japan-s-first-quantum-computer-put-into-use-1iwov9Wzb6U/index.html #QANplatform $QANX

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We've done our part and provided everything necessary for our CEX partners to relaunch the trading of QANX. We kindly ask for your patience as we wait for them to complete the process. We're hopeful it won't take long. Stay tuned for updates!

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