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Название ICOQuant Network
Дата начала02 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания30 апреля, 2018
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London and Zug-based - Quant Network -  have unveiled their highly anticipated Business Paper that outlines their plan for developing their cutting-edge blockchain operating system that will address major limitations of single-ledger technology including lack of system interoperability and the problem of decentralised applications being single-ledger dependent.

CEO and Co-Founder
Chief Strategist and Co-Founder
CTO and Co-Founder

"The synergies between LCX and Quant technologies are clear and significant."

@Quant_network partners with LCX to advance #CBDC Settlement implementation


#100DaysLCX 💯 $LCX 🤝 $QNT

Quant Chooses LCX as Partner to Enable DLT Interoperability. @Quant_network and cryptoasset pioneer, LCX, partnership will further accelerate the progression towards Central Bank Digital Currencies #CBDCs.

#100DaysLCX 💯 $LCX 🤝 $QNT


A strategic partnership between Quant and @lcx will contribute significantly to the advance of the banking and finance sector, with respect to the implementation and settlement of #CBDCs, banking #stablecoins and #digitalasset securities.

More at https://buff.ly/3v6kwBQ

We welcome the @ecb report on “The use of DLT in post-trade processes” in which Quant is recognised. The report notes that “interoperability remains critical in a DLT environment”.


#DLT #interoperability #posttrade

We have been recognised in the @Gartner_inc report

"DeFi, CeFi and How Blockchains Interoperate: Case Study in Carbon Trading" as a robust interoperability solution connecting disparate blockchains.

Overledger bridges Enterprise and DeFi/CeFi use cases.


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