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Own smart contracts: A key component of the QUASA blockchain-environment.

Smart contracts QUASA work independently of the platform services. The effectiveness of smart contracts is based on the separation of functional and computing processes.

In the process of creating smart contracts, the following priorities and conditions were met:

- Reliability of performance of contracts (cleanliness of the code)
- Simplify the procedure for testing the smart contract code
- Works on expanding supported languages

QUASA provides a platform-marketplace for the dissemination of digital templates of contracts and agreements that have real legal value and validity in the blockchain environment.

QUASA offers a new model for the organization of cargo transportation and replaces all traditional platforms.

Each module for a certain type of transportation passes a single development cycle, consisting of a number of stages:

- Standardization of the order process
- Standardization of the service delivery process
- Standardization of the transaction process

Transparency and trust in the hybrid block environment QUASA is provided by a combination of technological solutions and authorization of users entering into business relations after the KYC procedure.

Adviser to the Board of Quasa
Adviser to the Board of Quasa

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US SEC To Permit Bitcoin Futures ETF In The US Markets


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