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Название ICORachelX
Дата начала15 августа, 2019
Дата окончания31 октября, 2019
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1 год назад
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RachelX revolutionizes the erotic market and combines the oldest business in the world with a fantastic virtual future. Be a part of it. Experience your extraordinary erotic adventure as your own avatar in the fantastic virtual RachelX world. We build the bridge between virtual and real erotic experience. RachelX offers the platform for virtual and real services. In addition, RachelX Virtual incorporates the latest virtual reality technology. Hot models, scanned centimeter by centimeter in the 3D body scanner, enjoy your RachelX model in virtual reality. RachelX Pure Scan your body in the RachelX Interactive erotic studio 3D-Body Scanner and experience your sexual fantasies as your own avatar with the dream model of your choice. With RachelX Live, you can meet your model in real life, enjoy her diverse services, smell her, kiss her, love her and have a wonderful real time with her.

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RachelX Token's IEO. The big community surprise is online! 17-09-2019 only 48 hour https://www.rachelx.co.uk/the-big-community-surprise-is-online/

The first video, aimed at men, was the most downloaded video in 2016 — an impressive feat considering it was competing with non-educational pornography. https://www.rachelx.co.uk/sex-education-in-vr-porn/

Virtual reality has been nicknamed the empathy machine because it allows people to feel like they are truly connected to the action. “It’s neurological,” said Holly Richmond, a somatic psychologist based in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. https://www.rachelx.co.uk/do-people-enjoy-vr-porn/

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LaToken: http://bit.ly/2YPKzSd https://www.rachelx.co.uk/rachelx-tokens-ieo-the-big-community-surprise-is-coming-soon-17-09-2019-3/

Do you know that now you can forget film crews rolling cameras in a velvet-draped cabana? Why? Because the future of pornography is just a VR camera-helmet. https://www.rachelx.co.uk/new-solutions-in-vr-adult-etertaimnent-industry/

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Цена0.0100 USDПродажа2,500,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция1 RACHРаспределение31%СобраноUnknown
Софт-кап100,000 USDХард-кап30,000,000 USD