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Every time you throw away a piece of garbage, think of where it will eventually end up. Whether it is a plastic cup, your broken cell phone or spent battery cells from your CD/MP3 player, it contributes in some way to environmental pollution and is also hazardous to life. Not only are these all non-biodegradable, but, in addition, their disposal poses inherent risks as they release harmful toxins into the air, surrounding soil and ground water. Most of the world’s countries are struggling to deal with their waste problems. Poor management of waste impacts the communal well-being of entire communities and cities; results in pollution of local water, air and land resources; contributes to climate change and ocean pollution; promotes climate warming and hastens the depletion of forests and mines. Landfills such as Bordo Poniente in Mexico City, Mexico, Laogang in Shanghai, China, and Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, each receive more than 10,000 tonnes of waste per day. In China, expanding cities are adding on incinerators, which in turn contribute to air pollution. The solution to this problem exists. We offer a new motivational ecosystem platform, based on modern blockchain technology - Recereum. With the Recereum platform we want to involve citizens in the proper sorting of garbage to reduce the costs of waste disposal and increase the amounts of acceptable recyclables.

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“SOLVING THE GLOBAL WASTE PROBLEM USING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY” by Recereum https://medium.com/@recereum.com/solving-the-global-waste-problem-using-blockchain-technology-966d46fe0a7d

About Recereum:
Recereum is blockchain-based platform for converting waste and recyclables into real value — Recereum coins

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