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The Reditus® platform is an advanced platform for trading, investing, and collecting receivables. It increases the likelihood of recovering Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and sunken small receivables which are socially costly. Reditus® democratizes receivables through a sustained model of utility token ownership. This is achieved with the Reditus® RMS (Receivable Management System), which enables the assessment and collection of receivables, and a trading system through the tokenization of outstanding receivables.

NPLs, which are inevitable to manage the financial soundness of financial institutions, are an investment instrument that can achieve relatively stable returns depending on the efforts to collect receivables and collateral process. However, since certain requirements must be met to acquire NPLs in accordance with the law, individuals are less likely to directly participate in NPL investment. Although asset management companies that can acquire NPLs are launching NPL fund instruments through which individuals can participate in investments, still, not everyone can do so since it also requires a large amount of minimum investment.

On the other hand, for small cash loans made between acquaintances without setting up a repayment schedule or interest, and for credits payments that occur frequently with regular customers, etc., creditors often suffer due to poor performing debtors, who are obligated to pay off the debts but delay payment intentionally or unintentionally.

The everyday investor finds it difficult to engage in relatively attractive NPL investment opportunities and are always exposed to the risk of financial losses due to unexpected delays in the collection process. To remedy this, Reditus® aspires to disintermediate the current process and create a more conducive environment for everyday investors to partake in this sphere.

The Reditus® platform uses blockchain technology to tokenize receivables, achieving an end-to-end, blockchain-based platform that enables network participants to source, hold, and trade receivables in a secure, easy, inexpensive, transparent, and accessible way. This makes it possible for smaller sized investments and creates the opportunity for mass market participation. The use of Smart Contacts to document small cash loan and credit transactions securely and conveniently will provide a basis for creditors to collect personal loans or account receivables effectively with ease.


Crypto is not just growing, it is maturing. We need to be ready for mass adoption.

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"Do you know what tokenization means exactly?

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We've shared about the US$247 million market size of NPL - but do you know how you can actually benefit from investing in an NPL?

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While Reditus started from Korea, here are some numbers from #Cambodia - did you know that in 2016, about $4.5 million were raised in Cambodia in 2016 through the P2P platforms?

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P2P Lending will revolutionise financing for the unbanked and underbanked, providing the much needed stepping stone to building their credit history.

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