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Название ICORefugeCoin
Дата начала01 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания31 августа, 2018
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Essentially the creation of the Refuge Coin (RFG) cryptocurrency is a source of money gathering where distribution and management are properly implemented through legitimate processes. This money has several carriers with which migrants have secure access to goods and services by businesses and government agencies. In 2014 remittances to developing countries reached $436 billion, more than half of foreign direct investment and three times more than official development support. Finally, with the creation of the refuge coin (RFG) we help reduce remittance costs to make more profits. Various investigations and appropriate calculations show that if there was a 1% reduction in remittance costs, 30 billion dollars could be released every year. We must  strongly support the G20 agreement to reduce take-up costs. Without any doubt, initially there will be difficulties, accounting, financial policies, but these will have to be adjusted according to the benefits that will come in the future. In fact, one thing is clear that no country can handle the refugee issue on its own. The international community will have to play its part and global cooperation in needed. On a local level it requires more money to boost more state services on the refugee issue. In addition, over the next few months, our analysis of the issue will help countries such as Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to face mass population movements. The migration has emerged as a global problem and we all need to work together to encounter it. It is only through cooperation that we can turn this challenge into real opportunity for the benefit of all. If we want to turn the migration into a successful move; We need to look closely at the issue since it is a multifaceted case.

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