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REVOIL is the first project in oil industry that will combine the most innovative technologies in environmentally conscious hydrocarbons production and blockchain implementation with a high degree of transparency in all business operations.

#Revoil #IEO #Blockchain #Shortex

Dear community! Revoil IEO is about to start. Do not miss an opportunity to invest in innovative technology!


Greetings to you, dear participants of the project Revoil! Revoil has already gathered enough investors, and we are proceeding to the Pre ICO stage. The Bounty program is no longer needed, so all steaks will be paid based on your results on May 9th. Pre ICO will start on May 22.

Bit-Pop: #Bitcoin Sinks To $8,300, #Down Over 40% So Far This Year
Bitcoin is having a bad year, and it’s only February 2. The cryptocurrency has come under further pressure on Friday and deepened its 2018 #loss to over 40 per cent. Invest in real companies @revoiltoken !

#Stocks and the #dollar extended declines after #Trump concluded his speech, though U.S. equity futures stabilized. #Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are under pressure! Take a moment and look for great opportunities that @revoiltoken opened for it's investors!

Great News!
#JPMorgan raises oil price forecast to $70, topping many Wall Street targets, citing strong demand
J. P. Morgan raised its Brent crude #oil price forecast for 2018 to $70 a barrel, above peers like Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.
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Цена10.00 USDПродажа1,012,327Способ оплатыETH
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Софт-кап1 200 000 USDХард-капN/A