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Название ICORipaEx
Дата начала02 июля, 2018
Дата окончания16 декабря, 2018
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Ripa Exchange is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focus on lowering the entry level of opening new exchanges and giving crypto traders safe and secure trading partners to operate on a daily basis. The team of RipaEx believes that, despite the recent developments in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is still expensive to open, manage and build trust on a newly created exchange not only for the resources need to run a reliable exchange platform but also for the build of the platform itself and to find the liquidity necessary to run a profitable business in the first 5 years gap. Action is needed and action is needed now. Users are frustrated with unreliable exchanges that run away with their funds, got hacked or does not sustain the load of a growing industry of today. Despite the effort of exchanges managers to offer efficient, reliable, and easy to use platforms to trade entry prices for building such platforms is in the rage of 250-300 thousand euro and that does not include personnel cost to give platinum customer support, platform infrastructure and daily expenses for the business. All of that for then having an decent exchange platform for which you will need to pay an external software company to make changes as you request. It is the aim of this project to give you an Open Source, efficient, reliable exchange platform and to give the needed liquidity1 to your newly created exchange from day one so you can focus on finding your customers, give platinum support and comply with all the heterogeneous laws in the industry. As we want that the customer experience will be the sleekest possible, while making it safer to trade.

You heard it first here! $ARK will be listed on @hitbtc!🔥
Trading pairs: ARK/BTC, ARK/USDT 😎
Source: @coins_flare

@coinkit_ mon 0.1 30

We are looking for a reputable exchange that wants to become our main in-app exchange provider for the new Qredit Motion wallet app partnered with a UK bank that supports fiat currency, IBAN accounts and physical debit cards. Any suggestions?

More info: https://qredit.io/motion

Finally! @NexoFinance offers crypto enthusiasts the best of both worlds - instant access to cash while retaining ownership of their crypto. I’m using Nexo to earn interest on my assets, borrow cash https://nexo.io/ # via @NexoFinance

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