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The rLoop Network is a decentralised research and development organisation, engineering solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. It is designed to enable anyone, anywhere, at any time, to participate in the creation, development, and scrutiny of potentially world-changing technology. Our mission is to develop and launch innovative technology fueled by a genuine desire to improve the world and humanity. The rLoop Network mitigates the risk of early stage R&D by leveraging an untapped global pool of talent and resources, harnessing the wisdom of the community, and facilitating and optimising amorphous group coordination. It encourages participation at the intersection of an individuals passion and interests, removes geographical barriers to participation, and opens up an entirely new and previously untapped workforce.

Project Manager
Engineering Lead
Assistant Project Manager

Why decentralize?

1Truly serverless applications, censorship resistant & cannot be shut down

2Moving data closer to the “edge” reduce latency, increase performance

3more efficient way to scale from millions of queries/day to trillions (yes a ‘T’)


Elon Musk's #Tunneling Competition in final phase. @HyperloopUC, @hyperloopmit, @paradigm_hype, @swissloop_t, @DiggeridoosVT, @warwickboring, @umdloop, @tum_boring, @BiggusTeam, CUHyperloop, @rLoopTeam, Dirt Torpedo

More: https://www.boringcompany.com/competition
Or on http://www.StartupSpider.com

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