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SciDex’s mission is to enable companies to generate and utilize smart contracts for all kind of business transactions - even if they’re not on the blockchain. We‘ve made tons of progress on both the product and the community these past few months, but we’re only getting started!

The SciDex marketspace is the first application built on the SciDex Protocol. It enables and facilitates companies to exchange, acquire and monetize scientific data. After months of hard work, we’ve finally launched the alpha version of the application for our community members to test it out.

Business Development / Project Management
Machine Learning / Data Analytics
Blockchain / Cyber Security

One of the founders of SciDex, Shuo, is featured among other 499+ Block female blockchain community members at Times Square, New York



Pleased to announce that SciDex @scidexofficial to collaborate with Hedera @hashgraph to enable next-generation smart contract functionality.
Learn more about it here: https://bit.ly/2Dh75bM

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the SciDex AMA🚀
We couldn’t thank you more for the enormous support!
Here are the top 13 questions from the SciDex AMA:

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Successful meet up in Seoul Korea!
Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us! Special thanks to @BgogoExchange for hosting the meet up. SciDex is expanding to Seoul soon! Stay tuned! 🚀

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