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The blockchain technology can claim to be among the best discoveries of the last decades, being on a par with such important developments as the creation of the Internet.

We won’t describe all the advantages of blockchain; but it is worth noting that its characteristic decentralization provides a huge potential for effective interaction between an unlimited number of participants/partners/colleagues. Terms like crowdfunding and coworking will be soon significantly transformed thanks to decentralization. 2017 already showed us a new kind of crowdfunding, the so-called ICO, and the exponential growth of their amount. Yes, it is possible that most of the ICO projects are a fraud or a ridiculous attempt of newbies to create their first major business, having only an idea in their reserve; however, such a principle of crowdindvesting will continue to take root in the global economy.

Taking advantage of blockchain, we have created a platform for financing scientific discoveries. Imagine a situation in which the technology developer will not be in search of funding; the situation, in which experts who evaluate a scientific project will be as impartial as possible. As a rule, the main problem in choosing a project for investment by a venture fund lies in the correct expert opinion. For this purpose, the expert council includes scientific figures, economists, lawyers, and marketers.

The advantage of decentralization, embedded in the idea of cryptocurrency, completely removes the factor of commercial bribery and corruption and reduces the number of intermediaries, while the traditions formed in the cryptocurrency community make it possible to use the time, skills, and knowledge of millions of people all over the world relatively for free.

Scientificcoin team launched NANO MASKs production - Top-level of protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi!!! Our silver nanoparticles kill Microbes and Viruses By Up To 99.9%. Read more https://www.nano-mask.com/ #healthmonitornanomask

Scientificcoin LLC as part of a delegation of the Novosibirsk region presented HEALTHMONITOR device in Shenzen MSU-BIT University (http://szmsubit.ru/), to provide an opportunity for the Faculty of Biology to conduct research on gas analysis of exhaled air and etc.

HEALTHMONITOR at medical conference in Berlin https://xpomet.com/. Just few days ago we added nitric oxide to detect a bronchial and allergic asthma by HEALTHMONITOR device.

#Berlin #healthmonitor #scientificcoin #XPOMET #healthcare #healthtech #gasanalyzer

HEALTHMONITOR team at International Exhibition in the Czech Republic, Brno https://www.bvv.cz/en/msv/ as part of a delegation of the Novosibirsk region #czechrepublic #healthcare #healthtech #biotechnology #healthmonitor

We presented the HEALTHMONITOR device at the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT TECHNOPROM-2019 in Russia, Novosibirsk [https://forumtechnoprom.com/en/]. Over 360 conference participants passed the test on the device. The next stop is #Johannesburg,#Berkeley,#Prague,#Berlin

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