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Название ICOSecurosys
Дата начала01 ноября, 2018
Дата окончания17 декабря, 2018
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Secure management and storage of private keys for crypto assets and blockchain systems is paramount. Existing solutions like printouts or offline storage on USB sticks are neither secure nor reliable, nor do they scale for institutional applications. Securosys is extending the functionality of its hardware security modules (HSM) for secure storage, access and use of blockchain and crypto assets keys. Also, Securosys will develop secure computing platforms and key management systems, which are currently lacking in blockchain systems. To support and serve customers on-site all over the world, Securosys is going to expand its international presence. Securosys has decided to conduct an Initial Token Offering (ITO) to finance the development of the mentioned new platforms and the scaling of its existing operational business. These tokens can be converted into Securosys company shares. They entitle to the same amount of dividends as the corresponding company shares. Securosys has reserved 25% of its shares for this ITO. The following whitepaper details the value proposition of our business, the products we deliver and the token sale including the token mechanics. Securosys is a proven company, with a proven team, and proven products. Securosys HSMs protect the Swiss financial infrastructure operated by SIX Group AG on behalf of the Swiss National Bank, securing financial transactions of more than CHF 100 Billion every day. In 2017 Securosys had revenues of CHF 4.7M and an EBITDA of CHF 1.1M, and thus achieved the second year of profitability.

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Power systems, HVAC systems, and other network-connected devices are exposing new vulnerabilities that must be secured.

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Meet us at the Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD), which represent Switzerland‘s leading expertise in cyber security in an international environment.

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SECUROSYS listed as one of the Top 50 #Blockchain Technology firms in CV VC Top 50 Report, created by CV VC AG @CV_Labs in collaboration with @PwC_Switzerland and @inacta.

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