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Название ICOShardus
Дата начала01 января, 2019
Дата окончания31 декабря, 2019
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The future of blockchain and distributed ledger technology holds enormous promise for radically transforming many of the current trust-based systems and services, as well as impacting just about every industry in the world. However, the delivery of this promise hinges upon the creation of infrastructure software that implements fast, efficient, trustless, secure and highly scalable peer-to-peer networks. The state-of-the-art is currently experimenting with different models of achieving greater scalability and efficient consensus in such networks. The Shardus project will develop novel distributed ledger technology which incorporates sharding and auto-scaling to provide high throughput, low latency, and immediate finality while maintaining the highest level of decentralization and security possible. The availability of such technology will be useful not only to private enterprises, but also to public ledgers, thus enabling global-scale, decentralized applications able to accommodate billions of daily active users. The first application of this technology will be a peer-to-peer payment network called Liberdus.which inherits the distributed ledger technology and adds self-governance and a maintenance fund.


Sweden's central bank is planning to issue a CBDC within 5-years.

What a great initiative!

If if it were to be a CBDC issued on a blockchain, is anyone aware of a decentralized network capable of efficiently processing throughput at that scale?


The more the Bitcoin network grows the more energy is consumed. Scalable architecture is needed for decentralized networks to be viable long term.


New York launched the first blockchain-based identity application in the US

In the near future, we expect the popularity of decentralized applications to steadily increase.

With that thought comes the question, "What will occur to UX as TPS scales?".


Shardus Chief Architect, Omar Syed, was invited to present to the University of Montreal on March 23rd. So far this year the Shardus team has worked with students at University of Texas at Dallas, University of Oklahoma and UoM. Check it out!


"Imagine if a truly scalable, widely accepted international cryptocurrency existed, that held its value steadily, a stablecoin of near perfect balance that they could spend anywhere"

Blockchain will enable so much more than profitable trading and NFT's.


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