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Название ICOShyft Network
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Trust is an essential component of connectivity in communication. As we've become more dependent on technology, we've also become more distrustful due to numerous breaches of trust in the form of cybersecurity failures and widespread theft.

❗️@ShyftNetwork $SHFT AMA Recap

👉 https://cryptodiffer.com/news/shyft-network-ama-recap/


Join us for our Shyft Network Official AMA, this Friday at 10AM EST/ 2PM UTC! We will be spilling some major ☕️ $SHFT #mainnet https://t.me/shyftnetwork

Let the⏱ countdown to #mainnet begin! 🔮🚀 #ShyftNetwork #Launch $SHFT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J8jNrPxRB0&ab_channel=ShyftNetwork

❗️@Bering_Waters has unveiled the report on a purpose of investment in @ShyftNetwork $SHFT

👉 http://bering-waters.medium.com/introducing-bering-waters-ventures-investment-in-shyft-network-2b2c03b04607

🚀@Bering_Waters released the report on why they invested in @shyftnetwork $SHFT

They want emerging digital asset regulatory requirements, add traditional financial institutions to DeFi, & establish DID schemes at a local & international level.

👉 https://bering-waters.medium.com/introducing-bering-waters-ventures-investment-in-shyft-network-2b2c03b04607

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