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Traditional financial markets and newly established cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile. The more interconnected global financial markets become, the greater these markets rely on one another. This reliance increases failure points and is further exacerbated through excessive leverage. Without leverage, financial market participant profits would shrink and cycles of economic expansion and contract would be less extreme. Eliminating leverage would create a stable and fair environment for all market participants. Removing leverage is not a realistic aspiration and should in fact stunt otherwise thriving economies. However, eliminating leverage from different pockets of financial markets would remove the risk for those market participants. We strive to be those market participants unbound by systemic risk of over leveraged markets.  Silvertoken was created to stabilize the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and fiat currencies alike by creating a digital token representing vaulted silver bullion. Leverage is removed from the equation and result is a significant reduction of risk. A “SilverToken” (SLVT) is a receipt for the purchase of silver adding intrinsic value to an otherwise purely digital token. SilverToken is a cryptographic token built on the decentralized Ethereum Network and is fully compliant with ERC-20 token standards. Because SilverToken is a digital “receipt” for the purchase of physical silver, it carries more stability and less price volatility than other forms of money unsupported by precious metals, other tangible assets or extremely leveraged financial instruments. Each time a transaction occurs, a small fee is paid by the sender. This fee funds the vaulting of physical silver bullion and operating costs, while the rest is used to purchase more silver to increase the amount allocated to each SilverToken already in circulation. As SilverTokens gain usage and the overall amount of purchased silver within the vaults increases, the amount of silver allocated to each token also increases. Thus, each token will grow in value while purchasing power, relative to fiat currencies remains stable. Just as fiat currencies were once exchanged for the precious metals they represented, SilverTokens can also be redeemed for physical silver since they represent the purchase of silver.  Silvertoken is a new and unique way to use silver as a medium of exchange by linking physical silver to a digital token operating on a decentralized network. While SilverToken (SLVT) allows for direct ownership of silver, SilverDollar (SLVD) allows for exposure to silver through the proxy of SilverToken (SLVT). SilverDollar (SLVD) is always priced at $1 USD representing a value equivalent amount of SilverTokens (SLVT) allocated in an untouched lock reserve account. The tokens are bidirectionally convertible, with SilverDollar (SLVD) designed for traders needing a reliably valued and priced stable token. Our goal is to stabilize money in a volatile world market.

Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder of Silvertoken
Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder of Silvertoken
Service Provider Strategic Wealth Preservation General Manager
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