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Confidence, trust, transparency and security are principles with which the sector of the social and sustainable development economy needs to be able to operate. It also needs to have the ability to trade and grow globally in a rapid way and at low transaction costs.

Sub-actions in the framework of the social and sustainable development economy are the implementation of new modeling of cities, the distribution of humanitarian aid, the support for the development of social enterprises, the international youth mobility and the breaking of obstacles for remote working.

Creating and circulating the SPL Coin, a cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology, meet aforementioned needs. A solution based on the application of mature Blockchain technologies and the expertise of a strong international development team. A team combining the experience of large private sector companies with the academic potential of major academic institutions.


The survey, which saw 15,000 Europeans from 15 different countries answer questions about #crypto, revealed that 51% of the respondents believe #cryptocurrencies can be spent in most stores.


The EU has no specific regulations on #cryptocurrencies, which, until Libra was announced in June, had been considered a marginal issue by most decision-makers because only a fraction of #bitcoins or other #digitalcoins are converted into euros.


Revolut: Οι Έλληνες "προτιμούν" το Bitcoin


However, while other countries are struggling to draw the line between personal activity and professional trading, the HMRC states that crypto would fall into the definition of business activity "only in exceptional circumstances,” continuing:


The world has become increasingly fascinated with #cryptocurrencies and the ways they are enabling greater access, such as being able to send funds to remote places or securing #capital for small businesses.

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