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Solidified is a place where anyone can submit their contract and get a professional review within minutes. Our developer community reviews your code for intended behavior, best practices, and security, so you can have a sense of confidence in your contract.

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Look, its an NFT collection with a smart contract audit! Thank you [email protected] for the audit. Our PunkBodies & Punksters contracts were found to have no critical issues!

We encourage more NFT projects do the same!

#cryptopunks #NFTs #NFTCommunity

We have finished auditing smart contracts for the WCHI token from @XAYA_tech.
Audit Report can be found here: https://git.io/JYFIL

Job Alert! We are hiring! Looking for a strong React engineer with Web3 framework experience. Please send your CV to [email protected] Position is flexible 3mo-1yr

We finished auditing the Props Protocol @PropsProject, a loyalty-points staking protocol. The report has been published here: https://git.io/JY8Ws

We finished an audit of Brane Vault, a custodian service provided by Brane Capital https://brane.capital/. The report has been published here: https://git.io/Jm8xS

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