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The global Space economy represents $348 Billion as of 2017. This is an exponentially growing market expected to reach $2.7 Trillion in the coming 30 years, but this estimation might prove too conservative.

Via our member Rajat Srivastava from @BISResearch:

#Propulsion #Satellite #SatellitePropulsion

More #jobopenings at @KeplerComms:

- Director, Software & Digital Engineering: https://app.spaceimpulse.com/jobs/director-software-digital-engineering-74711404
- Lead/Manager - Spacecraft Development Engineer: https://app.spaceimpulse.com/jobs/lead-manager-spacecraft-development-engineer-71752988

Via our member @ludovic11201
1/ Thanks to a financial grant from @MooreFound, @SETIInstitute and @Unistellar are providing #eVscope #telescopes, training workshops for students and educators and network collaboration opportunities to 25 community colleges throughout the US

Astrolight, a startup developing microwave and optical communication systems is #hiring an embedded software engineer to join its growing team in #Vilnius, #Lithuania.


#spacejobs #hiringnow #spacecareers

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👉🏻 The kindle version is at $0.99 for the first week of launch. If you’re more of a “feel the paper” type, the physical book is available as well!

🙏🏽 Kudos to @akashspeaker for his support

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