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SparkPoint Ecosystem is a decentralized payment gateway with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based e-learning, gaming, and online store.

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Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with @popsiclegames for our next crypto game in our SparkPlay family of games! Popsicle Games is a home-grown indie game development studio dedicated to making byte-sized, casual fun games for mobile.

#SparkPoint #PopsicleGames

That sounds about right, not gonna lie. 😅

However, you can also try to trade and visit http://srk.sh/trade 📈

#MemetasticTuesday #SparkPoint

How's liquidity staking going, #Sparkies? 🤩 Just stay put until you earn more! 😉 We only got a few days 📈💰


#SparkDeFi #SparkPoint #HiddenGem 💎

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