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Название ICOSPiCE
Дата начала01 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания31 декабря, 2017
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From the world of Blockchain we bring:

Senior executive, entrepreneur and investor.
Senior executive, entrepreneur and investor.
Serial entrepreneur and product innovator.

Return distribution of security token VCs, investment funds, and trading exchanges in 2021 @STOmarket

Congratulations on a strong year!
@INXLimited @SPiCE_VC @blockchaincap @mtpelerin

To start 2022, here is @TElyashiv's first @TheStreet article of the year, a first in a series of articles on the Metaverse.

#Blockchain #Metaverse #crypto #investing


📢We completed today another milestone by acquiring Tokensoft's Transfer Agent.
We are now able to offer a complete, 'nose to tail' solution to public and private companies seeking to raise capital and list digital securities on the only digital securities ATS that is open 24/7

Ahead in 2022: "Innovative companies like Securitize are leveraging blockchain technology to democratize the corporate finance landscape and enhance the ability for smaller businesses to attract consumers,” says @DWealthMuse's Dara Albright @tothestoics. https://bit.ly/32Md5aw

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