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From the world of Blockchain we bring:

Senior executive, entrepreneur and investor.
Senior executive, entrepreneur and investor.
Serial entrepreneur and product innovator.

Largest ever RegA+ offering so far and they have just started. And as a security token!! Way to go @exodus_io and @jprichardson Congratulations to all the team.

@JamesBelding Yup @Securitize is an early pioneer. I'm a presale investor in their sister company @SPiCE_VC. Good bunch of folks to get to know. As they pick-up steam, there will be need to run their companies on BSV rails. Not much Tx activity yet, but we know what happens as Tx's balloon.

Today a major milestone in the security token/digital asset security space and crowdfunding industry it happened, the RegA+ filling for @exodus_io was approved by the SEC and their fund raising just started. A thread on the significance of this 👇

Excited to share that Japan's first credit-rated security token was launched today by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (the largest trust bank in Japan) leveraging the @Securitize platform. https://www.ledgerinsights.com/sumitomo-mitsui-trust-issues-blockchain-security-token/

Why, where, and how to create an NFT? This @financemagnates article lays it out (and also mentions @TElyashiv's art and NFTs).

#NFT #blockchain #cryptocurrency #digitalart #tokenization


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