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Название ICOQDAO DeFi “Decentralized Finance” by Platinum Engineering
СимволQDAO Gover
Дата начала01 октября, 2019
Дата окончания01 октября, 2019
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1 год назад


Chief Strategy Officer Taiwan
Korean Community Development Korea
Head of Communications Brazil

The Week in Review: XRP Price, Crypto Market Cap, Gucci NFT and Much More! 😎💪

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Noah NFT passports on Rarible and the necessity of KYC/AML 😎

We'll talk about the hottest updates on the Noah ecosystem! Don't miss the stream. 😉

⏰ Date & Time: 8 April at 18:00 JST
🎥 https://youtu.be/RKdeKrw-Cyk

Do you want to know how to find hidden gems? 😏

Viktoria is here to show us some essential tools that help you to analyze the market and spot promising tokens when they are issued. 😎


#token #trading #cryptomarket

Earn more with ACryptoS' Advanced Farming Strategies! 😎

Viktoria provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to maximize your profits with @acryptosx.💰The project utilizes auto-compounding to enable the most effective way of farming more tokens. 💪

💥 https://youtu.be/OBCjgT3VVXs

Breaking news of this week:
🔺New NFT Records
🔺Visa and PayPal Introduce Crypto
🔺One BTC per Lambo

Watch the video to learn about these and other news items you don’t want to miss. ➡️ https://youtu.be/k9xSR0p4eHg

#cryptonews #nft #btc

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