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Название ICOStatizex
Дата начала10 октября, 2019
Дата окончания24 ноября, 2019
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1 год назад
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We defined our development strategy based on empirically acquired knowledge and on the analysis of the work of existing platforms. We spent a lot of time, effort and money developing the statizex platform, faced many challenges and solved many technological issues during its creation, this allowed us to develop a trading platform that fully meets the modern market requirements and high modern technological standards of speed and safety. The concept of the Statizex exchange Is in the complex approach to the creation of a structural product. On the one hand, it is stable work with a decent level of security, high transaction speed, convenient interface - understandable to beginners and useful for professionals, availability of the most popular cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, this is a constant technological development, listing of new cryptocurrencies and the development of a new functional - such as a mobile app, a merchant account, etc. Our team created the statizex exchange in order to develop the best service for trading cryptocurrencies. At present, it Supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies pairs. In total, 40 pairs it will live for trade very soon on www.statizex.com To ensure an adequate level of liquidity, the modules - «liquidity aggregators» were developed on the statizex trading platform, which allow to maintain and provide the proper volume of trading instruments presented on the Platform. We have created a hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage that involves processing of the data on several levels to ensure maximum speed and security.

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Business Analyst at Statizex

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Dear Statizex Family,
November 26🗓 Statizex (STAT) will become available for trading on Lukki.
We want to remind you that Statizex is led by a world-class team with backgrounds in trading, investment banking, and fintech.
It’s time to trade📈 Get Lukki! https://t.co/7tFTab2dz2


Hello Statizex family,

Dcoin IEO Round.3 has been cancelled due to technical issue.Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Thank you
Statizex family

Hello Statizex family,

Only 4hours left for Last Round of Statizex ieo live on dcoin, Don't miss profit making Last opportunity, Limited Supply , 10% Bonus and First Come First Serve.

Buy from here👇

Thank you
Statizex Team

medium: https://medium.com/dcoin-exchange/stat-statizex-ieo-round-3-launched-and-listed-on-24th-november-fe9cc53b9d6c


STAT(Statizex) IEO Round 3 will be launched on Dcoin IEO Session Time : 2019/11/18 8:00 ~ 2019/11/21 8:00( UTC)
Trading pair will be opened on 24th November
10% Bonus for this round!
Read article to get more detail
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