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Название ICOStonecoin
Дата начала21 июня, 2019
Дата окончания31 июля, 2019
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In the sector of central FIAT currencies, not insignificant problems and areas of uncertainty can be observed. Particularly noteworthy here are stability problems in the EU countries of Greece and Italy, high national debt in many EURO countries, the ECB’s ongoing policy of low interest rates in conjunction with its flooding of the money markets, increasing US protectionism (e.g. tariff war with EU countries) and, last but not least, the upcoming Brexit issue. For many, this raises the question of a secure, valuable alternative to FIAT currencies.

Cryptocurrencies offer an exciting alternative. They came into existence in 2009, and have since developed from a marginal phenomenon into a multi-billion dollar sector. On March 24, 2018, a total of 1,390 cryptocurrencies had a total market capitalisation of more than 300 billion Swiss Francs. Trend-wise, increasing numbers of investors are including cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolios. The average daily trading volume on the large cryptocurrency exchanges is currently over one billion Swiss Francs. Every month millions of transactions in cryptocurrencies are carried out with relatively low transaction costs.

However, existing payment tokens (also known as currency tokens) usually do not have a real inner value and also have a high risk potential. Many offer neither security nor internal value. They have value because people believe that they are worth something. This is reflected in the sometimes dramatic volatility of some crypto tokens.

This is exactly where STONE COIN comes in with a convincing solution. The STONE COIN is a serious and future-oriented crypto token with an effective REAL SHIELD value that is entering the market. The net funds (= after costs and taxes) raised by the emission will be invested in the development of a substantial European real estate portfolio - taking into account international opportunities. This solid real estate investment constitutes the REAL SHIELD of the STONE COIN. The objective of the REAL SHIELD is the permanence of the company and by that the ongoing operation of the acceptance point network for the STONE COIN. This will be ensured in the long run by the returns of the real estate portfolio and their re-investment.

The STONE COIN therefore closes an important gap in the crypto market. It offers an excellent combination of a crypto currency’s flexibility and the security of a REAL SHIELD - Best of Both Worlds.

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Member of the supervisory board
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