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Название ICOSur-Ple
Дата начала14 ноября, 2017
Дата окончания15 декабря, 2017
СтранаSouth Korea
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Led by IoT, Social Media Networks, fintech, and blockchain, wind of change in the 4th industrial revolution is blowing fiercely. Especially, all eyes are watching at blockchain technology (armed with the advantage of decentralization, transparency, security, etc.) and cryptocurrency sector; the technology is gradually becoming more stable and wide spread.

Founder & CEO of Things9
Co-representative & Cofounder of Things9
General director of overseas marketing, Things9

#Things9 is looking for Marketing Communicators(#TMC)

Things9 Inc. has developed virtual currency ‘#ANYCOIN’, which is based on block-chain technology, and expands its role to support investment in a wide range of businesses and startups here and abroad.

Things9 invites the main of communicators who can share the story and the vision of #ANYCOIN and who deliver it around.
Things9 is waiting for applying of many people who are interesting to ANYCOIN & ICO and who want to participate in promoting and attracting sales

-Application period : Feb. 6, 2018 ~ Feb. 19, 2018
-Volume of recruitment : less than 200 people
-Announcement of successful applicants : Feb. 28, 2018
For more information, please refer to the announcement at Things9 official website >>

-선발자(합격자)발표 : 2018년 2월 28일 (화)

자세한 내용은 팅스나인 홈페이지 공지를 참고하시기 바랍니다.
팅스나인 홈페이지 >> http://www.things9.com/_prog/_board/?mode=V&no=82&code=notice&site_dvs_cd=kr&menu_dvs_cd=0401&skey=&sval=&site_dvs=&stype=&GotoPage=&gubun01=

팅스나인과 함께 ANYCOIN의 이야기와 비젼을 함께 나누고 주위에 전달
할 수 있는 소통의 주인공을 모십니다.
ANYCOIN과 ICO에 관심있고, 이에 대한 홍보 및 판매유치에 동참할 많은 분들의 지원을 기다립니다.
-모집,접수기간 : 2018년 2월 6일 (화) ~ 2018년 2월 19일 (월)
-모집인원 : 200명 이내

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