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Название ICOSwap Online
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Swap Online is a peer to peer (wallet to wallet) non-custodial exchange of different cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and soon to be security tokens. Our two main products are a wallet for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies without the middlemen and an HTML widget allowing any crypto-project to implement the same functionality and to accept cryptocurrencies on their own site. Both of our products work without a server.

More and more wallets use our open-source code to build their products. Another good example https://youtu.be/u9pj2xSmaqA?t=44

Happy new year for all our 150 whitlelabel partners and thousands of their clients. We working for you. See you in 2021!

\1 http://swaponline.io delivered a peer-to-peer non-custodial exchange. (Atomic Swap)

No sign-ups, deposits, wrapped tokens. Swap directly from/to MetaMask, Electrum, Coinbase, and all other in 1 minute (avg.)

Try app now: https://swaponline.io/#/exchange/eth-to-btc


Congratulations to the @monero community in fully funding the atomic swap development proposal in just 3 days!

Atomic swaps are just getting started 🔥


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