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Название ICOSylo
Дата начала18 октября, 2018
Дата окончания18 декабря, 2018
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The Sylo Protocol is a decentralised communication protocol that facilitates safe and standardised connectivity between users and Connected Applications on the Sylo network. Development is underway to implement the Sylo Protocol as a fully decentralised autonomous communication, storage and payment network able to be utilised by third party Connected Applications.

The communication aspects of the Sylo Protocol are already in use within the Sylo App (www.sylo.io), a peer to peer communication application for confidential voice calling, video calling and messaging. This version of the Sylo App can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices from the App Store and the Google Play Store (as applicable). At the date of this White Paper the Sylo App already has 18,000 professional users globally.

The Sylo App is to be implemented on the decentralised Sylo Protocol, becoming a fully decentralised communication application. The Sylo App will become the hub of the Sylo ecosystem – a confidential communication application that incorporates seamless access to decentralised functionality provided by other Connected Applications using the Sylo Protocol.

The Sylo main token (SYLO) will be a utility token used to access and fuel the Sylo Protocol in a fully decentralised, blockchain context. SYLOs will be required to access the Sylo Protocol, and to enable real-time communication (video, voice, messaging, data streaming), charged communications, and for decentralised storage, profile and address book management.

The Sylo team has partnered with Centrality (centrality.ai) and the Sylo Protocol will be the sole communication protocol for all Decentralised Applications (DApps) within the Centrality ecosystem.

The Sylo team is conducting a Token Generating Event (TGE) through its Singaporean subsidiary company, Sylo Protocol Pte. Limited, will be distributing SYLOs at a rate of $0.0087. The Sylo TGE will be run for a period of 30 days, or until the soft cap of US$25 million-equivalent is reached. At this point Sylo Protocol Pte. Limited may extend the sale with a hard cap of US$35m.

Looking to mint #NFTs fast, we've got you! Introducing our NFT runtime module🚀 Users can create custom NFTs using just a Javascript API or point and click with a UI! Check out the details here: https://medium.com/centrality/introducing-the-cennznet-nft-module-c1ce3ed79840

Keen to learn more about our 2021 #roadmap deliverables? Read this article 😉 > https://medium.com/sylo-io/our-2021-roadmap-explored-328d69373665 #tech #DeFi #NFTs

Excited to see our Technology Partner has integrated PL^G token within their wallet. Check out @sylo Smart Wallet 👇🏼 #PowerTogether

Have you had the chance to play with the Crypto Tracker yet? Read the #releasenotes from this build here > https://medium.com/sylo-io/release-notes-3-0-15-sylo-smart-wallet-5107352373c8 #SyloSmartWallet #update

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Цена0.0087 USDПродажа3,250,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция100 USDРаспределение32,5%Собрано$10,600,000
Софт-кап25,000,000 USDХард-кап35,000,000 USD