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TEE-coin as a reward token built on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology Rewards programs are commonly adopted today by many merchants. Via these programs, merchant rewards are generated each time a customer purchases the company’s products or its service. Customer will then be able to exchange those rewards with the company’s products or services. Nevertheless, the rewards are inconvenient for users since most of them can only be used to purchase or receive that company’s products or services. For this reason, many rewards expire without being used.

To improve the convenience, liquidity and safety of these systems, and to minimise the wastage described above, TEE-COIN PTE. LTD., by implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has introduced a comfortable Rewards life which can be linked to other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

At TEE-COIN, we provide a unique Rewards platform. Typical websites like Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and Yelp have become standard sites which consumer and travelers turn to for information. Our review platform ChatTee is built on a system that distributes TEE-coin tokens (hereinafter referred to as “TEE-coin” or “TEE-coins,” unit: TEC) as a reward given to users for writing reviews and for participating in other activities on the platform . The coins can then be able to be used to purchase the products and services of our registered merchants.

By combining review and rewards elements, we provide a fun and refreshing activity for consumers. For example, rewards can be acquired by the user just writing a review. Furthermore, merchants which have adopted ChatTee for advertising and marketing can optimise their Advertisement & Promotion costs and maximise customer acquisition. By using a rewards program that uses cryptocurrency as its medium, the entire ChatTee Platform is also eco-friendly as it’s paperless.

Happy Easter to You, with all best wishes!
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Check out what's new in the latest version 2.0.17.

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Body Spark is a trusted beauty salon in #Singapore established in 2013 by a Japanese founder, offering only the best #skincare services to their clients.

With #ChatTee app, enjoy up to 50% off all services.

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Located in the heart of Singapore, La Terre is a hideaway wine bar where you can enjoy 500 different wines, specially procured by the renowned sommelier, Mr. Daisuke Kawai.

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🆕 New merchants are on board ChatTee platform across restaurants 🍜, bar 🍻, hair salon 💇‍♀️, slimming 👗, language courses 👩‍🏫.

Check out ChatTee app and https://chattee.reviews/ to find out more.

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