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A price stable cryptocurrency would allow for more mass adoption outside of mere trading and speculation. Bitcoin has provided part of the solution, but it has become more of a commodity akin to gold rather than a medium of exchange or unit of account. We propose Terra, an alternative to Bitcoin which expands and contracts in supply to stabilize unit price. Similar to how fiat currencies are supported by sovereign taxation, Terra is supported by taxation on the value created on its network. Superior to fiat currencies, Terra operates under a decentralized guarantee of solvency, eliminating risks of currency failures and Soros attacks. Finally, Terra engages in decentralized fiscal spending, ensuring that economic growth is distributed equitably via democratic consensus rather than via a politicized system of elected delegates.

Head of Research

📢💥@terra_money weekly update is here!

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1🔸 $LUNA is now supported on @CelsiusNetwork.

2🔸@astral_money announced the release of Astral Payments for eCommerce stores that want to accept #Terra stablecoins for customer purchases.


Educational FAQ)
Q. Does Terraswap provide any profit when provide LP?
A. Terraswap has no governance token, but yes!
Check the attached screenshot 💰
The amount of LP keeps same but the worth of unit LP increases



Wow! It's already been a month since we launched Community Enabled Analytics for @terra_money 🌎

To celebrate, we'll be doing a $LUNA giveaway 🎁🥳

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This week’s Bounty Brief has touched down 🗞

Featuring bounties from @Terra_money 🌎, @Uniswap 🦄, @BadgerDAO 🦡, @iEx_ec 🟡, @graphprotocol 📈 + more

Read on for some questions & rewards 💰 https://flipsidecrypto.substack.com/p/the-bounty-brief-15

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