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Название ICOTeslafunds
Дата начала26 декабря, 2019
Дата окончания27 декабря, 2019
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1 год назад
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Teslafunds - TSF is ethereum based platform that runs applications and blockchain services powered by crowdfunded tokens.

We aim to create user-friendly enviroment for honest community governing and funding network capable of paying individuals and businesses for work that adds value to its platform from participants all over the world.

Teslafunds will be able to distribute crowdfunding tokens on its own platform. Tokens will be used for projects that are valuable for reaching teslafunds goals. The platfom might host or issue ICO tokens when conditions are met. The Funds and tokens will be allocated for development, community, marketing, maintenance, legal matters, further adoption researches and other costs that ensures there are always enough resources available for growth.

Mining will be launched with fair distribution while also supporting the idea of unstopable, decentralized, censorship-resistant, permissionless, unchangeable blockchains. People from all over the world can join the network and mine using AMD or NVIDIA GPUs, so basically anyone with an Internet connection and a specialized hardware and cheap source of electricity can make money and participate in shaping new technologies.

Miners that support our network taken together form the secure platform while building trust, and as our platform remains stable and grows further by competing within the market we expect reaching new community members and eventally accomplish most of our primary goals. The long term vision of Teslafunds is to become established platform for development within blockchain and cryptocurrencies ecosystem and to direct our resources in creating usefull services and products. We also advocate for a prosperous world where everyone can improve their own lives through access to peer to peer payments, and blockchains services. “Transfer money as easily as send an email” develop, contribute mining, invest and trade for the bettermnet of global financial systems.

We envision a future where these systems will be widely adopted and in everyday use. We are looking forward to the blockchain revolution. Help us make it happen.

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Trading pairs $TSF / $BTC & $TSF / $ETH already started.
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👉🏼More details: https://teslafunds.io 👈🏼

Teslafunds Announcement 17-03-2020

Digifinex Notice Link:


Hi Teslafunders our web wallet is functional again.

You can access it from this link :

Please keep your private keys safe. Thank you.

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