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Название ICOThe Digital Reserve
Дата начала23 июля, 2018
Дата окончания20 августа, 2018
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The Digital Reserve Network ("DRN") is an open-source financial services suite designed to enable peer-to-peer ayments, sustainable lending, and collateral free borrowing. The DRN will leverage annative cryptocurrency – Denarii.

The DRN is being developed by the Digital Reserve, P.B.C., a public benefit corporation ("The Company"). The Company aims to create a public benefit by engaging in (i) research and implementation of best practices for financial literacy (ii) the design and promotion of software or hardware solutions to increase financial accessibility and the flow of capital to disadvantaged or distressed communities.

CEO, Founder
Developer – Automation & Consensus

The primary difference was that he was taking a centralized approach vs a decentralized one. I am so excited about the traction they are finding.

1 because it demonstrates the solution works.
2 because my fellow @HowardU Bison continues finding success


Morgan Stanley just filed an SEC form declaring they now own 792,627 shares (10.9%) of MicroStrategy.

They've increased their position by 360%, adding almost 650,000 shares since Q3 2020.

Even the banks want Bitcoin 👀

This is a much nice HQ than the one we have on @decentraland. Ours should be considered a historical landmark though.

"The @krakenfx has been released upon Decentraland! " They have created a Virtual HQ.

Info from @blockfolio



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