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We believe Cryptocurrency is the money of the future. Those of us involved in this community can see evidence of that every day. While we’ve witnessed this technology evolve and grow, Wall Street hedge funds have also been eyeing cryptocurrency as a new source of income. Wall Street has been using artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated algorithms to gain an advantage in the markets and identify opportunity for years and they will be applying these proprietary tools in the token market as well.

There's a bunch of misinformation out there about #AI. So, here's a responsible take on debunking misconceptions, myths and fears about artificial intelligence by the good folk at @Ditto_AI.

https://buff.ly/2MCSIUo by #ArtificiaIIntelligence

Don't let NSFW content sideline your conversation with your audience.

Learn how object detection can be used to automatically flag NSFW content in this post from @Filestack

https://buff.ly/2IqbSYx #AI

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake: Basic Mining Guide via @Blockgks https://buff.ly/2wttT2A #Bitcoin #Ethereum #blockchain

The growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is altering the way marketers work today.
Read more: https://buff.ly/2FbGTyW
via @CMO_com by @shane_barker

#marketer #marketingtips #artificialintelligence

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