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Название ICOTravelkoin
Дата начала09 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания13 апреля, 2018
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Payment gateways have been available on the Internet since the mid-1990s. A payment gateway functions as a trusted clearinghouse for parties wishing to transact in fiat currencies. They make sure the payment method is valid and has enough funds to cover the amount and they facilitate in moving those funds between buyer and seller for a fee.

He who controls distribution controls the 🌎

This my most talked about slide when talking to hoteliers about selling rooms online.

The guy on the left needs no introduction. Pablo Escobar - drug kingpin.

But what’s the relationship between Pablo and…https://lnkd.in/f2nQzuS

Didn’t make it to ITB 2018? Doesn’t matter now! ITB was kind enough to record our talk. Have a look at what the future looks like… #travel #distribution #traveliko #travelkoin #platformbuilders #ecosystem #payment #loyalty #identity 🦄


Join us here: https://era.cognitix.id/cognitix/capturing-millennial-travelers where we discuss the future of travel and distribution.

A month to go before ITB Singapore kicks off. Travelkoin team presents on day 2 at 10:30am. Be sure to check us out. #gonnabefun 🚀

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