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All connections in the Tremiss platform go through the “Xtre” protocol we developed. The “Xtre” protocol is an advanced SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) protocol, it uses multi-threading, cryptography,   the protocol uses mixed networks in conjunction with a distributed ledger to create a confidential block chain.

In the “Xtre” protocol, unlike the other BlockChain protocols, “NodeTr” (Wallets with full NodeTr) are deterministically organized in “TreSupervisor” and are temporary, they exist only for the time of the block for which they are responsible. «TreSupervisor» uses a negotiated protocol to verify and authenticate operations that anonymize each encrypted message, independently agree to process all messages before decryption, and then independently decrypt and process each message. After generating the block, “TreSupervisor” is dissolved, and “NodeTr” become available for placement in the new random “TreSupervisor”.  “TreSupervisor” allows you to send messages in both directions anonymously. All operations performed by “TreSupervisor” are accelerated by the use of preliminary calculations.

These preliminary calculations create a template that defines how “NodeTr” in “TreSupervisor” should process the information during block generation. Consequently, the template is completely defined before any message information arrives to generate a block. The use of preliminary calculations ensures confidentiality, at the same time dramatically increasing the speed of information processing to create a block. There are two stages in creating the Tremiss block. First, NodeTr performs intensive precomputation, as described above, creating a unique template that determines how information or messages will be processed. When messages arrive, “NodeTr” work together to process messages in real time according to this unique template, a process that takes less than 1/30 of the precomputation time.

«TreSupervisor» cannot influence the integrity of the consensus mechanism, since all aspects of the production of blocks are independently predetermined in a strict, verifiable and unchanging manner.

In addition, all «TreSupervisor» on the Tremiss platform, regardless of the evidence that was verified prior to final confirmation of the block. To ensure proper system functionality, «TreSupervisor» jointly and independently generates cryptographic evidence as “Comments” on the integrity of the packet before decryption. In case the “Comments” do not match, all the evidence presented by the nodes can be checked to identify the failure or illegality of the node. After detecting a malicious or faulty «TreSupervisor», the honest TreSupervisor refuses to make further contacts and passes evidence of a malfunction or fault in the rest of the network. If it is verified that “TreSupervisor” is malicious, it loses its share of tokens that are burned, and “TreSupervisor” is removed from the network. These and additional security mechanisms allow users to prove the correct processing of their transactions, while at the same time making them unable to falsely accuse “TreSupervisor” or “NodeTr”.

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