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Название ICOTrueBit
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
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Secure, scalable, decentralized computation.

Whitepaper Coauthor
General Counsel

Crypto only need 8 projects to do all it can do without any lost:
- #Ethereum - smart contract layer
- Polygon $matic - full scalability
- $link - web3 services
- $nano - sound money to P2P/payments
- $xmr - privacy
- $aave - lend
- $uni - dex
- #truebit -decent. computation

Back to #Truebit.👇
🪧 Mass testing of Truebit on Goerli Testnet continues.
100 transactions for very small $TRU amounts
💵 Investor 0x1eC54118FfBE49841Bb91d104466D935Cf29892F accumulates $TRU heavilly.
(I think it's more of a short-term trader than a long-term investor)

I know we live only #Truebit 😂
But such a big event as the #Arbitrum airdrop is surely followed by everyone.
I'm considering buying an #ArbitrumToken as soon as the first dust settles (when price will dive).
On #MEXC you can watch start of $ARB listing:

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