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Название ICOTrueGOLD
Дата начала01 ноября, 2018
Дата окончания30 ноября, 2018
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As peer to peer transaction on blockchains are quickly becoming one of the most popular payment solutions of the future, no current digital token is eligible of becoming the default payment vehicle in the crypto world. Thousands of tokens defectively lack valuation, stability and versatility, hurting the payment and circulation of ecosystems of most blockchains. TrueGOLD Token (“TXAU”) was designed and created to address those problems. TXAU offers a unique solution by extending gold’s exclusive characteristics and stacking them with financial properties.

Due to its rarity, longevity, density, malleability and lust, gold had been accepted as an asset that backs fiat money for centuries. Even after 1971 when the U.S. abandoned its “Gold Standard,” gold remains a valuable asset that serves as a precious metal and real money until today.

GoGoldio (“GGIO”) is the company and team that will facilitate, issue, manage, and store the TXAU through the use of gold bullion with the blockchain as a transaction platform. GGIO aims to integrate product design, interest alignment, and market dynamics to promote TXAU’s acceptance by all market participants as a base digital token for investment, payment, exchange, and value preservation that most fiat money and cryptoassets cannot offer due to the constraints they face. Furthermore, with a well-planned collaboration scheme, TXAU is positioned to soon be one of the main base currencies that provide connectivity, arbitrage, hedging and more.

Each TXAU is backed by 1 gram of Gold in terms of value and is transacted through the blockchain so that its minimum value is supported by the gold price and secondary transactions can be carried out with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, and security.

In order to help pay for the maintenance costs and other efforts aimed at building the Ecosystem and ensuring that it thrives, each gram of gold will have a 10% premium on top of sold spot price. The latest information on premium fee can always be found on our website located at [www.TrueGOLD.pro]. Premium fee is incredibly beneficial to the Ecosystem, as the fee will allow GGIO to continue to pay the costs of the storage and auditing of the gold bullion held in reserve, helping increase the safety and security of the Ecosystem, as well as increase the confidence of TXAU token holders that the gold bullion backing the TXAU tokens does exist and is safe, and providing sufficient resources for all essential mechanisms to make the project thrive.

With the potent combination of value preservation and stability at the core of its foundation, TXAU will be used as an instrument for: i) pricing and hedging other crypto currencies; ii) the exchange of goods and services; iii) global payments and remittances, iv) value preservation. Our team envisions having TXAU become the most accepted token in the digital world. With its digital form backed by physical, not speculative, value, TXAU will also be well positioned to become the connecting bridge between crypto and traditional assets.

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