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Название ICOVeri Doc Global
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
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VeriDoc Global is a multinational technology company and provides anti-fraud document verification solutions using blockchain and smart contracts. These solutions ensure that a user is looking at a true and correct document created by the issuer. VeriDoc Global has developed an application to provide fast and cost-effective services with patented digital security and Quick Response (QR) Code technologies.


Our patented verification solution currently runs on several private and public blockchain networks. Our team can help match the most appropriate blockchain to suit your business needs. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Smart Trade Network, EOS and Amazon's QLDB.

This week our Australian team have enjoyed the Blockchain Week sessions held by Blockchain Australia. It’s encouraging to see so many individuals and companies paving the way for the use of blockchain technologies. #blockchainaustralia #blockchainweek

Ensure your company will not be at risk of employees making timesheet errors and fraud by using VeriDoc HR on Amazon Web Services. Employers can trust their records stored on Amazon’s private blockchain, retrieving timesheets for payroll and audit trail purposes.

VeriDoc Global’s patented technology prevents anyone from illegally changing timesheet data. Make your timesheets tamper-proof with VeriDoc HR.

#timsheets #hr #blockchainsolution #blockchaintechnology #qrcodes #aws

We are so excited to unveil our latest product soon. Our team have been pioneering the way in blockchain verification since 2015. Our patented solution is going to propel businesses everywhere into the blockchain world. Stay tuned... #blockchaintechnology #blockchainsolution

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