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Verifer is on 2012 established investigation and verification company. Verifer provides AML, KYC, PEP and several Compliance verifications but also investigation reports from Companies, products, crypto-currencies etc. The Verifer team is comprised of professional researchers who are willing to go the extra mile to provide you with detailed and professional research services.

Hello to everyone in Verifer community! You can find here a short update on Verifer progress so far, we are here for everyone in case you have any questions, thank you! #ico #cryptocurrrency #community #verifer


It has been more then 4 months since our partnership with Asian Poker Federation and things are getting better with each day. #AsianPokerFed #Crypto #cryptocurrency #progress https://medium.com/@Verifer/asian-poker-federation-verifer-e02eac577338

Hello everyone, this is a good article for a better understanding understanding of the growth of KYC, AML, and PEP markets  #kyc #aml #pep #cryptocurrency #Crypto #CryptoNews 🌐👍✌️ https://medium.com/@Verifer/understanding-the-growth-of-kyc-aml-and-pep-markets-and-why-it-matters-12afea8599db

Here are a few essential points on understanding ICO legislation worldwide, and what it means for companies offering ICOs 🌐👍✌️ : https://medium.com/@Verifer/understanding-ico-legislation-worldwide-and-what-it-means-for-companies-offering-icos-1ffe6cd57821

📢 KYC and AML Verifications: An Essential (And Mandatory) Part Of Avoiding Money Laundering : https://medium.com/@Verifer/kyc-and-aml-verifications-an-essential-and-mandatory-part-of-avoiding-money-laundering-8d7203eb5d4f #kyc #aml

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