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Дата начала15 июля, 2019
Дата окончания16 июля, 2019
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VIARIUM Platform is a decentralized network; virtual worlds are hosted in it. It is created and developed by the forces of our team and world hosters. The core resources for creating VIARIUM are server capacity and software, by virtue of which the space can be created for building VR architecture. At the moment we have created all basic materials for the existence of the Viarium Platform:

Hello everyone!

The last round of IEO will start tomorrow, after that we will provide listing on the Coineal exchange.


On October 16-17, 2019, the Blockchain Life 2019 forum will be held in Moscow, where Coineal exchange together with Viarium will present the world's first virtual reality trader terminal Coineal VR

More information about the event can be found by… https://t2p.pw/ZCeXbdT6f0

In connection with the preparation for listing on one of the lagest exchanges, we postpone the third round of IEO to September 30!

Stay tuned, there will be a lot of interesting things!

#Viarium #VR #AR #Blockchian #Crypto #Exchange #Listing… https://t2p.pw/WyjmUrPnEd

Hello, everyone!

The second round of IEO on coineal exchange has already closed!

Thank you for supporting us!

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Hello everyone!

We want to inform you about the postponement of the second round of IEO on the Coineal exchange to the August 20 because of the preparation for #Binance!

Binance is the leading exchange in the field of cryptocurrency trading!
The volume… https://t2p.pw/cqLjCO0s2T

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